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Laurelwood Animal Hospital

Dog in clinic

About Us

Cat on table being treated by veterinarians

Our History

Laurelwood Animal Hospital , located near Jesuit High School on Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway, opened on June 12, 2006. Veterinarians Ron Earp and Lynn Erdman recognized a need for quality care for pets. At Laurelwood Animal Hospital, we offer a facility that respects the intelligence and devotion of our clients. Here you will find the best care that your special pet deserves. We greatly value the trust you place in us, and strive every day to be the best source to turn to for keeping your companion happy and healthy. For Doctors Lynn Erdman and Ron Earp, the development of a new general practice was a blend of something old, something new. What’s old? Their relationships with the West Side community have built long-lasting ties of compassion and trust. What’s new? It’s a beautiful facility that boasts a wealth of natural light and Northwest appeal in color and design. Nearly every window view provides a panorama of trees and greenery.